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AGAINST a background of world-wide condemnation, Uganda’s infamous “Kill the Gays” Bill will no longer be in the country’s Christmas stocking.

In a recent speech, Rebecca Kadaga, speaker of the Ugandan parliament, promised to bring a vote on the proposed law – first introduced in 2009 – as "a Christmas gift" to the population.

But, according to this report, the Ugandan Parliament failed to pass the Bill that would sentence lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people to death before closing for the end of year recess.

After weeks of posturing, the Bill was officially moved to the bottom of the Parliament's schedule this week, before adjourning until February 2013. LGBT and human rights organisations in Uganda celebrated the moment, while committing themselves to continue the fight should the bill return next year.

Said Frank Mugisha, Executive Director of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG):

This bill won't stop us. We will continue to fight until we are free of this legislation. We cannot have oppression forever.

Added Andre Banks, Executive Director and Co-Founder of All Out, the world's largest global movement fighting for LGBT equality:

This is a victory for Ugandans who have risked everything to demand fairness, justice and the ability to live openly and love who they choose. All Out members from all over the world have raised their voice and they have been heard. But we are not finished. Parliament reopens in February and this generous matching grant could provide the support we need to fight this bill and dozens like it around the world.

You can help All Out in its campaign by making a contribution here.

Meanwhile, it is reported here that Pope Ratzinger has “blessed” Rebecca Kadaga.

Kadaga was at the Vatican to meet the Pope and to attend a human rights conference.

A human rights conference. In the Vatican. This would be funny if it weren't so obscene.

She received the blessing during a mass attended by thousands of pilgrims at the Vatican.

Kadaga said minutes after meeting the Pope:

I think it is something that I will remember all my life. It’s a very great moment and I thank God for this opportunity.

Pope report tip: George Broadhead, Secretary of the Pink Triangle Trust, who commented on Pink News:

We can assume from this that Kadaga is a Roman Catholic and clearly a great fan of the Pope. No surprise then that she is so vehemently homophobic.

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