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A PITBULL/American bulldog crossbred was due to die yesterday by lethal injection because his owner believed his was gay.

Elton’s owner in Jackson, Tennesssee, dumped him on the Jackson Rabies Control Animal Shelter on January 29 because he witnessed Elton "humping" another male dog.  

According to this report, he wanted the animal put down because he refused to have a gay pet.

When people learned of Elton, plight, a Facebook page was set up to save him – and just hours before he was due to die, a woman named Stephanie Fryns, who is affiliated with the animal rescue group Woof Connections, said that she planned to adopt the dog.

She wrote on the Facebook page for the animal rescue group Save The Animals Together (S.T.A.T.).

I am adopting this big boy first thing in the morning. He will be neutered/ htwm tested/ and vetted. He will be temperament tested and then places in a rescue verified and approved home.

Stephanie told ABC News:

Elton was pretty friendly so far. He’s pretty scared of everything, which is understandable. But he loved the car ride.

This report said:

Although such behavior is not necessarily considered to be homosexual when it comes to canines, it is possible that the dog is actually gay, considering over 1,500 species have been shown to exhibit homosexuality, including but not limited to dogs.

Just as some people are born gay, some dogs are as well.

Whether this was typical dog behavior or an expression of homosexuality on the part of the dog, it goes without saying, that all pet guardians should love and provide for their companion animal (as long as they're financially able to) for the duration of the animal's life.

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