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WHY are so many US homophobes ignorant of their history?

The latest example of sheer stupidity comes from Illinois where homophobic State Representative Dwight Kay, expressing his intolerance, said that supporters of same-sex marriage frequently spoke about human rights but neglected the Biblical scriptures.

Yesterday,with a vote of 61-54, the Illinois House of Representatives passed The Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, a historic vote that sends the bill first to the Senate for a concurring vote and then to Governor Pat Quinn who has pledged to sign it.

An unhappy Kay declared on the House floor:

The other thing I didn’t hear today was the fact that this nation was built on the scriptures. And then came the Constitution. Is that not right?

Kay added:

I think it is. Our Constitution has always looked to the scriptures for its guidance and its columns and its foundations and its leanings, its underpinnings. And, yet, I’ve heard nothing today about the scriptures. The only thing I have heard is about human rights.

So I guess we have walked away, we have backed away from our heritage in this nation, which we seem to do quite regularly for the expediency of what we wish to do in the moment. And, ladies and gentlemen, that’s pride. That’s the belief you’re better than the very foundations of this nation which we find in the scriptures.

He warned pride was dangerous for humanity. Kay said that that tales in the Bible about God punishing the prideful were “real stories”.

But Jim Bennett, Midwest Regional Director of Lambda Legal was delighted:

It’s a fabulous day for Illinois! The Illinois House of Representatives finally made legal what the majority of Illinoisans have long understood–that love is love and all families deserve to be treated as equal under the law.

Same-sex couples and their children can celebrate a new era of equality in the Land of Lincoln. With the 5th most populous state in the union embracing the freedom to marry, we have moved much closer to bringing equality to all Americans. This victory will be a catalyst in our ongoing efforts to achieve full equality across all fifty states.

When this report was posted earlier today on the Freethinker blog, fury erupted, with several people pointing out just how ignorant of his own country history Kay really is.

John M White wrote:

"The other thing I didn’t hear today was the fact that this nation was built on the scriptures. And then came the Constitution. Is that not right?"

No, it’s not right, now go back to your fifth grade civics class you fucking moron. And while bigots might bemoan such a tone, civility is not warranted when somebody holds the levers of power in a government without having the foggiest idea how that government functions. I’m not going to be patient with some luddite who manages to get into the control room of a nuclear power station either. These people are so stupid they are dangerous.

And, naturally, the bigot betrays his complete disregard for human beings when he moans about having to hear of human rights in a debate about human rights. He’s so stupid he has simply scuttled his own pretence to any moral authority. The homophobic bigots tend to do this, they can’t help it. Hating gays is their top priority and it is so important to them they always end up revealing themselves as they make foolish and incoherent efforts to justify it.

Charlie observed:

This human turd is part of the reason the US of A is now a total mess. We have elected official who do not have the first clue what the US or even any state Constitution actually says. The US Constitution is NOT, and never was, based on ANY damn scriptures of any religion. It is moronic fools like this (no offense to actual morons, fools, or moronic fools) who give the US of A a seriously bad name around the globe.

He added:

They get elected by pandering to the lowest sort of base idiots like the tea party types and those who listen to Rush Limburger, Glenda Becky, and get their ‘new’” from Faux Noise TV. What damn fools they all are and they make me ashamed to have been a US Marine and still a US citizen. He and his kind are the most vile, disgusting sort of sub-human excrement and they stink up the entire world with their foul spewing.

And this from The Woggler:

The American constitution has no basis in religion, Christian or otherwise. I’m surprised that a US Congressman doesn’t know this.


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