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MOSCOW authorities have rejected an application by gay activists to hold a march in support of bearded Ausrian drag queen Conchita Wurst of Austria, the winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Gay activists said that an application to hold "The Conchita Wurst March of Bearded Women and Men" in Moscow was rejected by the Moscow mayor's office yesterday.

The activists had planned the march for May 27, the 21st anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexual relations in Russia.

Wurst, whose real name is Thomas Neuwirth, won Eurovision in Copenhagen on May 10.

Gay activist Nikolai Alekseyev called the decision to ban the march illegal and vowed to appeal it.

Alekseyev also said activists will officially ask the Moscow mayor's office for permission to hold a gay-pride parade in Moscow on May 31.

Apart from pissing off some bearded Russian men, Conchita Wurst’s Eurovision Song Contest victory at the weekend has had the Russian Orthodox Church spitting feathers.

Vladimir Legoyda. Chairman of the Church’s information department, described the bearded Austrian drag queen’s victory as:

 Yet one more step in the rejection of the Christian identity of European culture.

It was also a sign of the world’s moral decline and part of the aggressive assertion of Western cultural norms.

But a prominent Russian blogger, Rustem Adagamov, tweeted the picture above of priests wearing full ceremonial robes with this message:

We oppose bearded men in dresses say bearded men in dresses.

Ms Wurst, whose real name is Tom Neuwirth, has been accused of creating a “hotbed of sodomy” at Eurovision by homophobic Russian protesters, while Mr Milonov, the politician who was instrumental in passing Russia’s anti-gay “propaganda” law, accused the singer of turning the competition into the “Sodom show”.

Our very own Stephen “Birdshit” Green was also peeved by Wurst’s win, saying “the Eurovision Song Contest sank to a new low” and informing his crackpot Christian Voice followers:

 ‘Conchita’ means ‘little shell’ in Spanish but is also Spanish vulgar slang for a part of the female anatomy.  A ‘Wurst’ is a German sausage.  The German expression ‘es ist wurst’ means ‘it doesn’t matter’, which sentiment Neuwirth applies to his lifestyle.

He added:

During the voting, any points awarded to Russia were booed, either because of the Ukrainian crisis or because of the Russian Federation’s opposition to homosexuality.  As Ukraine and Russia did actually award each other some points, it was probably the latter.

Conchita though is having the last laugh. His winning song has topped Russia’s iTunes chart.

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