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 A MOSQUE in East London has earned itself a lot of brownie points over the last few days following a statement it issued condemning attempts to impose sharia (Islamic law) on random individuals walking through “a Muslim area” in east London.

Comments below various reports of the activities of a vigilante group calling itself the “Muslim patrol” commended the East London Mosque (ELM) for taking a stand against the fanatics who first targeted ads depicting “naked women” then began harassing people they assumed were gay. Videos of the “Muslim Patrol’s” bullying tactics were posted on YouTube.

In the latest video, in which a group of men described themselves as "vigilantes implementing Islam upon your own necks", a man is followed and told:

Get out of here you fag … Don't stay around here any more.

His pursuers tell him that he is “dirty” and that he is:

Walking through a Muslim area dressed like a fag.

Commenters concluded from the mosque’s statement that it represents the “moderate” face of Islam, and that not all Muslims are barking mad zealots.

But not everyone is convinced.

Commenting on the Freethinker website, Martyn Hughes wrote:

This whole situation is abhorrent. According to a report over at Harry’s Place three anti-gay speakers attended the ELM in the month of December alone.

What is equally disturbing is the MCB has brushed off the abuse as being something that should be applied to Muslims only!

As Maryam Namazie points out: ‘This type of harassment and abuse (at best) is meted out day in and day out against “Muslims” who are “improperly dressed”, who are gay, who are ex-Muslim, who are dissenters, who question or criticise Sharia law….’


It stinks. It really fucking does. On so many levels.

Fortunately, the police are taking the matter seriously, and today it was reported in the Guardian that two men had been arrested in connection with the patrol’s tactics.

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