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THE latest issue of the Pink Humanist – the quarterly on-line magazine published by UK gay humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust – has today (September 1) been published.

“From Russia with Hate” examines what, if anything, can be accomplished by boycotting Russian goods and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics as a means of protesting the wave of homophobia that sweeping the country; and it reports on the fear that has overtaken gay rights campaigners in Cameroon following the brutal murder of activist Eric Lembembe.

The issue also carries reaction to the planned pardon of Alan Turing, and details criticism of Turing the bio-pic, The Imitation Game, which stands accused of trying to push the gay atheist hero “back into the closet”.

There is also a detailed report of President Obama’s recent visit to three African countries, and the fury of his defence of gay rights generated in Muslim Senegal.

The entertainments section looks at a row that erupted in American Catholic circles over the use of a Catholic church for a scene in the Liberace bio-pic, Beyond the Candelabra.

Other items in this packed and entertaining issue include news that a lawsuit alleging “crimes against humanity” by US hate preacher Scott Lively is to proceed, and that New Jersey has banned quack “gay cure” therapies.



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