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ZIMBABWE’S Roman Catholic President, a serial human rights abuser and who harbours a deep hatred of homosexuals, is apparently deeply upset by the appearance in Bulawayo of a bunch of pink garbage cans.

Donated to the Bulawayo council by lesbian and gay pressure group, the Sexual Rights Centre, the bins have caused a storm among Zimbabwean homophobes, chief among them being the ghastly tyrant Mugabe, who seems not averse to a touch of pink in his wardrobe, as the picture indicates. (See a video here).


He says the council and mayor should have shunned the SRC offer.


But the local mayor, Thabo Moyo, has welcomed the donation and says the bins will be put to use in the streets.  The area has suffered a waste removal crisis in recent months, which some have described as a health hazard. 


Moyo says he wishes the group could donate even more bins because they are so needed.


Members of the Sexual Rights Centre, which made the donation, are surprised at the anger that their donation has caused.


Seven of the bins are currently out on the streets, and the mayor hopes others will follow.   He says that anyone caught vandalizing them will need to pay.


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