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I REGRET being unable to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with defenders of free speech at an important rally in London on February 11 due to pressing engagements in Spain over that period.

But I have added my name to the fast-growing list of those supporting the One Law for All rally for Free Expression which is being held in London from 2pm to 4pm at the Old Palace Yard opposite the House of Lords, and I would urge readers who cherish the right to criticise religion to either attend the demo, or sign the declaration.

 According to Maryam Namazie, the call for action follows an increased number of attacks on free expression in the UK, including 17 year old Rhys Morgan being forced to remove a Jesus and Mo cartoon or face expulsion from his Sixth Form College, and demands by the UCL Union that the Atheist society remove a Jesus and Mo cartoon from its Facebook page.

It also follows threats of violence, police being called, and the cancellation of a meeting at Queen Mary College where One Law for All spokesperson Anne Marie Waters was to deliver a speech on Sharia.

The Day of Action has already been endorsed by nearly 100 groups and individuals including Jessica Ahlquist, Centre for Secular Spaces, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, Richard Dawkins, Equal Rights Now, Jesus and Mo Creator, Taslima Nasrin, National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies, National Secular Society, Salman Rushdie, Southall Black Sisters, and Peter Tatchell.

In addition to the London rally, there will be demos and acts of solidarity in other countries, including Australia, France, Gambia, Germany and Poland. To see the list or to add your own action or event, click here.

Said Namazie:

Clearly, the time has come to take a firm and uncompromising stand for free expression and against all forms of threats and censorship. The right to criticise religion is a fundamental right that is crucial to many, including Muslims. February 11 is our chance to take that stand. You need to be there. Enough is enough.

For more information, and details of the Day of Action, visit One Law for All.

Join London Rally’s Facebook page here and Tweet #11FebFEDay.

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