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MORE than 1,000 Catholics in Washington state have joined together to support same-sex marriage equality, and are urging voters to approve Referendum 74, which will make marriage equality legal in the Evergreen State.

The Washington State Catholics approving Ref. 74 signed a full-page ad in the Seattle Times, Yakima Herald and Everett Herald. The ad says:

Jesus and Catholic School Teachings urge us to love all our neighbors as ourselves.

To marry is to make a lifetime promise to one another in front of family, friends, and the law. Everyone in Washington State should have the right to marry the person they love.


Catholics for Marriage Equality Washington State (CFMEWA) said in a press release that it had obtained over 1,000 signatures and raised funds for this ad.

CFMEWA spokesperson, Kirby Brown, said that about 1 in 20 of the signatures say “Anonymous” or “Church Worker.”

People deeply involved in Catholic parishes and organizations are searching for ways to make their support for Ref. 74 public without jeopardizing their jobs.

Walt Krueger, featured in the ad along with his family, proclaims:

As parents we are called to nurture our children; as Catholics we are called to live the Gospel values. Kate is married to Andrew and we want a similar love and commitment in marriage to be available to Michael who is gay.

The statement added:

Surveys consistently show that a majority of Catholics will be voting to approve the state’s new Marriage Equality Law. But Catholic voices in favour of same sex marriage laws are often quiet in the pews in the face of the strong opposition from the pulpits, videos and publications of Catholic bishops and pastors.

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