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A PETITION has been set up calling on Uganda’s President Museveni to halt a Bill proposing that gay and lesbian Ugandans be executed which could pass at any moment.

President Museveni once promised that he would not sign this bill into law. With pressure mounting on him to support the bill, only a massive global outcry will make him keep his promise.

Last year, AllOut helped stop this bill in its tracks. Now it needs to do it again.

If the Bill passes, this horrific law could allow the death penalty for lesbian and gay Ugandans.

AllOut said that despite the President’s promise, Uganda's politicians are desperate to pass the Bill and they're pressuring him to relent. The Speaker of the Parliament is actually calling it a "Christmas gift" to Uganda!

Said AllOut:

Last May, millions of us stood up with activists from across Uganda to stop this very same law –and it worked.  Now we have to do it again.  We need to take action and share this far and wide.  We need every voice to build a massive outcry that the media and world leaders can't ignore.  The pressure could be enough to stop this bill in its tracks.

And it warned:

One thing is clear - if passed, it will force lesbian, gay, bi and trans Ugandans into the shadows. Despite global opposition, some politicians in Uganda refuse to give up the Bill and one is even calling for a new regional law that would send every gay person in Africa to jail – for life.

If this bill passes in Uganda, it wouldn't just mean tragedy for gay and lesbian Ugandans – it could set off a domino effect across the continent.