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THE UK website is a very useful resource for people in search of employment – but it really ought to be a great deal more careful with the ads it accepts.

Yesterday, our attention was brought to an ad it is running for a company in Sussex called Amtechnica Ltd which appears to be in gross violation of the Equality Act, 2010.


The ad states:


We are a Christian business, and meet on Mondays to pray for the company and for each other. The successful candidate would be involved in this aspect too.


This implies that it will not accept applications from atheists, or anyone who has a faith other than Christianity.


It can be further deduced that you won’t be acceptable to Amtechnica if you are gay. A little digging revealed that the Crawley company’s boss Daniel Lopez-Ferreiro is a fundamentalist Christian whose Facebook page reveals that he is an ardent supporter of extremist, anti-gay organisations, including including Christian Concern for Our Nation, which was established to:


Inform and empower Christians to speak against ungodly and unjust laws, and to speak up for righteousness and justice.


The organisation has launched a petition, calling on the Prime Minister to:


Respect Christian conscience and take urgent action to address the problems created by equalities legislation.


Covering this story for the Freethinker, I suggested that Crawley Observer should be exposing this company’s discriminatory hiring practices.

And maybe you should email Daniel Lopez-Ferreiro. It's been pointed out to me that his address – titter ye not! – is  hello@sussexcampers

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