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HOLLYWOOD legend Clint Eastwood, 82, has increased his support for marriage equality by calling upon the US Supreme Court to drop its scurrilous Prop 8 law law banning same-sex marriage.

As far back as 2011, Eastwood made his support for gay marriage clear when he said in an interview with GQ Magazine:

 ....What I really believe is, let's spend a little more time leaving everybody alone. These people who are making a big deal out of gay marriage? I don't give a fuck about who wants to get married to anybody else! Why not?! We're making a big deal out of things we shouldn't be making a deal out of.

The Oscar-winning actor and director joined more than 100 Republicans in signing a Supreme Court-bound brief in favor of allowing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples the right to legally wed in California.

One of Eastwood’s representatives and a spokesman for the American Foundation for Equal Rights, the group spearheading opposition to California’s law banning same-sex marriage, confirmed the news to NBC.

Former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman and GOP strategist Steve Schmidt are among the other high-profile names to sign the brief.

The 82-year-old Eastwood discussed his pro-same-sex marriage stance in a September 2012 appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show. He said:

The condition of society right now, with the high unemployment rates and the tremendous debt we're increasing and the government spending, we'd think there'd be [many more worthy issues] to think about [rather] that worrying about gay marriage.

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