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A TOTALLY bonkers and near-bankrupt homophobic organisation in the US has published an advert attacking homosexuality in Jamaica.

Exodus international, a fundamentalist Christian outfit which promotes “gay cure” therapies, has taken out an ad in the Trinidad Sunday Express warning of the dangers of homosexuality and saying gays “can change”.

Exodus International says its mission is to “mobilise the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality”.

The advert, according to this report, was funded by an unidentified individual and is similar to one which appeared in the Trinidad Sunday Express entitled “What you should know about homosexuality”.

It says that homosexuality is the result of “sexual brokenness”; that “serious health risks” are associated with being gay; that the prevalence of HIV “remains high” when homosexuality is legalised; that legislation does not “promote societal attitude change” and, finally, that gays “can change”.

The hate-driven charlatans who run Exodus are in serious financial trouble.

In 2010, Exodus’ President Alan Chambers wrote to supporters saying: “Dear friends, please pray for us at Exodus. We have experienced an unexpectedly low giving season this summer coupled with much higher expenses (insurance, utilities, etc).

“Sadly, we have had to let several staff go. Your prayers are appreciated. For those who are also having to endure this unfriendly economy, our prayers are with you!”

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