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A FUNDAMENTALIST Christian hate-group, which called on its followers to pray for the death of the singer George Michael, is running a poll which asks why “Atheists cyber-bully Christians”.

“This”, according to The Freethinker today, “is rich, given the behaviour of Christians for a Moral America, which aggressively employs cyber-bullying tactics against those it disapproves of. And The Gays are top of their list.”


Recovering from pneumonia, Michael took to Twitter yesterday to slam CFAMA. He said:


Did you know that while I was fighting for my life in Austria there were a bunch of those lovely American ‘Christian’ organisations, who call themselves ‘Christians for a Moral America’, who were actually taking the time to pray for me to die…


How very sweet of them, considering how busy they must be on the whole. Now don’t get me wrong, I know for a fact that many devout Christians, such as the ones I work, rest and play with on a daily basis, are truly wonderful, kind-hearted men and women who take the best parts of that religion and live admirable, generous and loving lives.


But in my opinion, and I think made evident by those who prayed for my death, there are others who use their twisted interpretations of ancient scriptures as a pathetic excuse to be … wait for it, wait for it …! Totally fucked up cock-sucking bastards.


Michael revealed that one member of the group, known as Keith, posted messages on Twitter which included:


Apparently George Michael has AIDS. Figures since he’s a homosexual and it goes with the territory. Another sodomite bites the dust?


Posting under the username @godswordislaw, the idiot also wrote:


Pray for George Michael’s demise. He has chosen a satanic lifestyle and must meet an appropriate end.


In late November, when Michael was diagnosed with pneumonia, the group’s blog said:


It’s almost symbolic that just after the 20th anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death from AIDS that another famous homosexual would succumb to this disease.


We pray that George Michael has found salvation through Christ in his last days otherwise he will pay for his unrepentant lifestyle in hell.


CFAMA’s suggestion that the illness was AIDS-related has been refuted by doctors.


The Christians for a Moral America blog lists liberals, atheists, gays, Muslims and feminists as the most dangerous anti-American groups of 2012 and right now they are calling for a boycott of “a new work of evil, The Hobbit.


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