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NO prizes for guessing that the floodwaters reportedly raging in Colorado are due to The Gays, abortion and the legalisation of marijuana.

That’s the view of pastor, talk show host  and 24-carat numpty Kevin Swanson, who also believes that gays are plotting to kidnap home-schooled children and to:

 Burn Christians at the stake.

This he said earlier this year during a January 28 segment of his radio program, "Generations With Vision," . Swanson tackled the issue of Colorado's same-sex civil unions bill and warned that America will be a very, very different place in fewer than ten years. He outlined a bizarre scenario, in which home-schooled children would be "swooped away" by social services and given to homosexual homes, where he said children might be abused.

What’s happening is they want homosexuals to be able to be involved in adoption and foster care as much anybody else. So picture a nice little home-school family, just trying to do the right thing. An anonymous tip comes in, social services swoops in, they grab the kids in the year 2022, and the kids get remanded into a home with homosexuals, and these particular homosexuals happen to be tied into NAMBLA and other things.

Now he’s claiming that God sent the floods after seeing a photograph on the front page of the Denver Post of State House Speaker Mark Ferrandino kissing his partner.

Our legislators committed homosexual acts on the front page of the Denver Post, do you remember that? So here we have the very worst year in Colorado's year in terms of let's kill as many babies as possible, let's make sure we encourage as much decadent homosexual activity as possible, let's break God's law with impudence at every single level, at every single level let's make sure that we offend whoever wrote the Bible, so we have the worst year possible politically in the state of Colorado and it happens to be the worst year ever in terms of flood and fire damage in Colorado's history.

The Jesus-junkie added:

Does God read the Denver Post? Do you think He picks up a copy of the Denver Post? He gets it. God gets the Denver Post!

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