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THERE are days that I wonder what planet celebrities live on. Yesterday was one of them, when I learned that one of my favourite actresses and activists Goldie Hawn boasted on Twitter of having met Nigeria “wonderful” President Jonathan Goodluck.

Only afterwards did she learn that Jonathan isn’t at all wonderful, but a crazy homophobe who has just signed controversial anti-gay legislation into law.

Hawn said:

First of all, it had every right to cause an uproar. I had no idea.

And she claimed:

Literally I hadn't looked at the news.

This, apparently, was because ecause she's been traveling and writing a book.

Hawn added that's "no excuse," and she was "absolutely appalled" when she found out about Jonathan's anti-gay views.

This has nothing to do with my philosophy.

Hawn, who deleted the tweet and apologized to a number of her Twitter followers, called Jonathan's anti-gay actions "very fear-based" and "full of hatred."

It breaks my heart because I have my own personal feelings about this. This is man's inhumanity to man of the first order.

It's more than ridiculous, it's barbaric.

Hawn said she "absolutely" believes the acceptance of gay rights is "inevitable."

It's going to happen, I'm sorry guys, you've got no choice. I hate to tell you, but we're going in the right direction.


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