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After Turing, pardons for 50,000 similar victims of UK injustice?

THE British Government has signaled its willingness to pardon around 50,000 men who were convicted under the same “gross indecency” law used against wartime hero Alan Turing.

Following the Royal pardon granted on Christmas Eve to Turing, the UK Home Office told Gay Star News that the remaining 50,000 convictions could be reconsidered by submitting a formal application:

The Government has taken concrete action to allow those affected by this to apply for their convictions to be disregarded and would encourage anyone affected to apply to have these records deleted or disregarded and guarantee that all applications will be considered carefully.

Humanists slam Nigeria's anti-gay legislation

THE UK LGBT Humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) has expressed shock at the news that Nigeria's parliament has approved the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill which could be signed by President Goodluck Jonathan very soon.

The Nigerian Senate has unanimously adopted the report of its conference committee on banning gay marriage. After two years, the Senate and the House of Representatives have reached an agreement about the wording of the legislation of the Bill.

Demented UK homophobe spreads hatred in Jamaica

DEMENTED Christian hatemonger Andrea Minichiello Williams, the founder of Christian Concern has infuriated gay rights campaigners by urging Jamaica to keep same-sex intercourse illegal and suggesting  that Tom Daley is in a relationship with a man because his father died.