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Demented UK homophobe spreads hatred in Jamaica

DEMENTED Christian hatemonger Andrea Minichiello Williams, the founder of Christian Concern has infuriated gay rights campaigners by urging Jamaica to keep same-sex intercourse illegal and suggesting  that Tom Daley is in a relationship with a man because his father died.

Pink Triangle Trust condemns Indian Supreme Court ruling

THE UK gay Humanist charity, the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) has expressed its dismay and outrage at the news that India’s highest court has upheld a colonial era law which criminalises gay sex.

The Supreme Court threw out a 2009 New Delhi High Court decision that ruled the law was unconstitutional and this change could see gay people jailed for up to ten years.

A black day for gay rights in India

INDIA'S top court today upheld a law which criminalises gay sex, in a ruling seen as a major blow to gay rights, according to the BBC.

The court said it was up now up to parliament to legislate on the issue.

The ruling has been welcomed by religious groups, particularly leaders of India's Muslim and Christian communities, who had challenged the 2009 Delhi High Court ruling which had described Section 377 as discriminatory and said gay sex between consenting adults should not be treated as a crime.