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Video: Rudd's brilliant put-down of a horrible homophobe

DURING a recent public Q&A session, a fundamentalist who works for a “national Christian Radio network", tackled  former PM Kevin Rudd, now leader of the Labour Party, over gay marriage.

He was visibly upset by Rudd’s answers, especially the one pertaining to the Bible’s endorsement of slavery.

New issue of the Pink Humanist published

THE latest issue of the Pink Humanist – the quarterly on-line magazine published by UK gay humanist charity the Pink Triangle Trust – has today (September 1) been published.

“From Russia with Hate” examines what, if anything, can be accomplished by boycotting Russian goods and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics as a means of protesting the wave of homophobia that sweeping the country; and it reports on the fear that has overtaken gay rights campaigners in Cameroon following the brutal murder of activist Eric Lembembe.

Russian priest and his flock forced by gays to flee SF church

WHEN Leonid Kazakov, of the St Nicholas' Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) in San Francisco, learned that his establishment was to be picketed by gay activists, he fled, taking a bunch of parishioners with him.

Members of Gays Without Borders and arrived at the church, sitiuated in the heart of the gay Castro area, on August 25 for a peaceful picket only to be told that the rector, kitted out in his frock and fancy hat, had fled accompanied by members of his flock.