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US school 'Cutest Couple' prize goes to a gay pair

WITH so many examples religiously-motivated hatred aimed at gay people – here is just one shocking example – it’s nice to see be able to commend an individual or organisation for showing tolerance.

Today, we’d like to salute a US school that placed a picture in its yearbook of a pair that one its “Cutest Couple” award. A GAY couple ­– Brad Taylor and Dylan Meehan.

Nigeria presses ahead with shocking anti-gay legislation

IN THE face of international criticism, Nigeria’s parliament has pressed ahead with its draconian ‘Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill’, a law with a penalty of 14 years’ imprisonment for gay, lesbian and bisexual people who marry or display affection.

When the bill was initially tabled in 2011, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird slammed the proposed law, saying that Nigeria should ensure equal basic rights for all its citizens.

Homophobic Alabama church ousts Boy Scouts

CHRISTIAN fundamentalists in the US have been growing ever more hysterical over the Boys Scouts of America’s recent vote to lift its ban on openly-gay members – although, bizarrely, adults scouts remain barred.

One rancid specimen, Bryan Fischer of the anti-gay hate group the American Family Association, even went as far as to refer to the BSA as: