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Tatchell meets Welby: no need for a rosebush ambush this time

BECAUSE of the refusal by the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, to discuss gay issues with homosexual rights groups, ten members of OutRage! – including Peter Tatchell – scaled the walls of Lambeth Palace in 1997, hid among the roses and jumped out to confront Carey as he entertained 16 Anglican primates in the garden.

New Zealand votes for gay marriage … amidst merriment and song

SEVENTY-seven of New Zealand's members of parliament yesterday voted in favour of amending the 1955 Marriage Act to allow same-sex couples to marry — making it the 13th nation to legalise gay marriage and the first nation in the Asia-Pacific region.

And despite warnings from Christian conservatives that God's wrath would come down on the country like a mountain of manure, life goes on as normal.

Being gay is not 'un-African' say SA couple

TWO South African men who committed to one another at a wedding ceremony on April 6 are hoping that their marriage will help change the perception that being gay is "un-African".

One of the pair, Tshepo Cameron Modisane, said their union was a challenge to the idea that:

Being gay isn’t African. Being gay is as African as being black.

No place for gay rights in 'Christian' Zambia

AN attempt by four same-sex couples in the southern African country to have their unions officially recognised by a state registrar brought an angry reaction by two Zambian tribal chiefs who called for a crackdown on gays – including having them "caged".

Chief Madzimawe wrote to the Zambia Daily Mail to condemn LGBT people saying:

It is not a culture of Zambians, Africans and Ngonis to practice homosexuality and gay people should be caged.