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Manx Chief Minister slams ‘ugly’ religious prejudice against lesbian couple

FOLLOWING our post yesterday about the plight of lesbian couple Kira Izzard and Laura Cull, who were denied accommodation on the Isle of Man, it has emerged that the bigot behind the refusal to grant them a house tenancy is a minister at the Ramsey Independent Methodist Church.

Keith Price said his decision was guided by his religious beliefs based on scripture, but Manx’s Chief Minister Allan Bell lashed out, in this BBC report, at what he called “ugly, outdated prejudice”.

Anti-gay discrimination: Manx politicians vow to act

FOLLOWING reports  that a lesbian couple were legally refused a tenancy for a new flat on the Isle of Man because of their sexuality, several Manx politicians have vowed to eliminate the discrepancy in the law that allowed the refusal.

According to this report, Rob McDowall, the Chair of the LGBT Network, wrote to all 24 Manx politicians (Members of the House of Keys) and has received some very positive replies.

Christians at the root of anti-gay violence in Belize

DEATH threats against Caleb Orozco, 39, the gay rights campaigner who is attempting to overturn colonial era laws that criminalise homosexuality in the Caribbean state of Belize, have escalated during a four-day courtroom hearing, his lawyer has claimed.

Caleb Orozco, labelled ‘the antichrist, had a beer bottle smashed in his face and his car was vandalised.