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Gay Church of England bishops: C of E publishes guidelines

GAY but CELIBATE men in civil partnerships have become acceptable to the Church of England, but they must abide by a rigid set of guidelines.

According to the Independent today:

• Gay Bishops and their partners are allowed to hold hands on the sofa when watching Downton Abbey but snuggling on the sofa is forbidden.

• When greeting their partner, gay Bishops may only kiss them once on the cheek. To kiss them twice on the cheek is too European and therefore too gay.

UK gay hate preacher warned he could be barred from entering the US

FOLLOWING the revelation in the Freethinker yesterday that a Christian coffee shop in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, serves as a base for anti-gay activity – specifically in regard to Uganda’s notorious “Kill the Gays” bill – reaction to the news has been swift.

George Broadhead, of the UK gay charity, the Pink Triangle Trust, said he was appalled that Cornerstone, ostensibly a social organisation for Christians in the UK which claims to have been established “to love the Father, love one another, love our neighbour, and even to love our enemy” should be a hub of hatred towards gay people.

Straight from the ass’s mouth: horses can 'cure' gays

IN the bad old days when homosexuality was regarded as an “illness”, health professionals, mainly in the first half of the twentieth century, often resorted to behavioural aversion therapy with electric shocks to affect a “cure”. These, and other “gay cure” treatments rarely worked and were subsequently abandoned because of the harm they did.