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PTT letter supporting gay marriage published in Nigerian Guardian

LEADING Nigerian newspaper, the Guardian, today carries a letter from the UK gay charity, The Pink Triangle Trust, regarding the country’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

Under the heading, Promoting citizens’ universal human rights, the letter reads:

The international community and human rights activists are urging Nigeria to reconsider the bill prohibiting same-sex marriage. But Senate President, David Mark has maintained that the bill would be passed.

Mosque that condemned homophobia is hosted anti-gay speakers

 A MOSQUE in East London has earned itself a lot of brownie points over the last few days following a statement it issued condemning attempts to impose sharia (Islamic law) on random individuals walking through “a Muslim area” in east London.

Comments below various reports of the activities of a vigilante group calling itself the “Muslim patrol” commended the East London Mosque (ELM) for taking a stand against the fanatics who first targeted ads depicting “naked women” then began harassing people they assumed were gay. Videos of the “Muslim Patrol’s” bullying tactics were posted on YouTube.

Hallalujah! Homosexuality is not a ‘super sin’

REGARDED by millions in America as a hate group, Focus on the Family, which devotes much of its time and resources to demonising LGBT people, slowly seems to shifting its position.

After admitting in 2011 that it was way out of step with public opinion, and had effectively lost the war on same sex marriage, FOTF President Jim Daly said this week that:

Homosexuality is not a super sin.

Oxford Union gives voice to notorious US hate-monger

THE folk who run the Kill The Bill Uganda blog are appealing to people to mount a protest against the Oxford Union, which has invited one of the world’s leading gay hate-mongers – US evangelical pastor Scott Lively – to join a debate on gay rights on January 17. Lively, a pastor in Massachusetts, stands accused of "crimes against humanity" for his homophobic activities in Uganda.