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Linking to George Alan Rekers: a very bad move

IN a very lame attempt to sugar a very bitter pill for Catholics – Obama’s victory – RC blogger Patti Maguire Armstrong made the horrible mistake of putting up a link to the writings of a crackpot “gay cure” therapist George Alan Rekers.

Rekers was exposed in 2010 as a self-loathing, hypocritical closet queen after he secured the services of a gay escort for ten days of man-on-man frolics in a hotel in Europe.

Madonna summoned to appear in Russian court for ‘promoting homosexuality’

A COURT in St Petersburg, Russia, has decided to allow bunch of anti-gay lunatics to proceed with a lawsuit against American pop singer Madonna.

During a pre-trial hearing this week the court found that the lawsuit, filed by groups such as Union of Russian Citizens, the People’s Assembly and the New Great Russia, presented “sufficient evidence” that Madonna violated local anti-homosexuality laws.