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Muslim leader’s lackeys ‘arrest’ human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell

A STATE Visit last week to the UK of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who reportedly planned in September to push for an international UN protocol against “blasphemy”, was marked by the outrageous arrest of gay humanist Peter Tatchell who had the temerity to unfurl a West Papuan flag.

Writing for the Huffington Post, Tatchell said:

Stonewall was right to label O'Brien a bigot

TERRY SANDERSON, President of the National Secular Society, yesterday issued a statement in support of the LGBT rights group Stonewall for naming Cardinal Keith O'Brien Bigot of Year.

Sanderson pointed out that Stonewall is under mounting attack for bestowing the award on O'Brien, and that:

Politicians – such as Alec Salmond – who are petrified of upsetting the church lest it ends up costing votes, are rushing to his defence.

Bigot of the Year prize won by Cardinal Keith O'Brien

THE leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland was last night named Bigot of the Year by gay rights charity Stonewall because of his opposition to gay marriage.

In the run-up to the award ceremony, sponsors Barclays and Coutts banks warned they would axe their funding if the category is not dropped next year.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson won Politician of the Year, but was booed for also criticising the bigot award.

Another crazy cleric blames gays for deadly US storm

A RABBI has joined an extremist Christian preacher in blaming Hurricane Sandy on gays, calling devastation of New York “divine justice” for the city's same-sex marriage laws.

According to this report, Rabbi Noson Leiter of Torah Jews for Decency compared the superstorm which swept across the US eastern coast this week to a biblical disaster.

We believe that the great flood at the time of Noah...[was] triggered by the recognition of same-gender marriages.