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Tributes pour in for celebrated gay atheist Gore Vidal

When heroes pass, especially ones that kept the light of conscience and reason so bright for our collective paths; sadness seems inadequate to express the loss we all now recognize. Gore Vidal RIP – Thomas Hampson.

THIS one of thousands of tributes posted on the internet over the past couple of days following the news that celebrated gay atheist Gore Vidal had died of pneumonia at his home in Hollywood Hills.

Lib-Dem leader promises gay marriage by 2015

BRITAIN’S Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has pledged to introduce marriage equality and has confirmed that the UK’s coalition government will legislate for it by 2015.

Confirmation came in a letter to British Quakers. In it Clegg said:

Marriage is an important institution based on love and commitment and I believe that it is a twenty first century human right for that choice to be available to all – gay or straight. So I am proud that this Coalition Government has now committed to introduce equal marriage.