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Blaming the victim: It's what Catholics do

IF THERE’S one thing many Catholics are really good at is demonising their victims. The latest instance of this despicable trend concerns a Maryland woman, Barbara Johnson, who was humiliated by a Catholic priest during her mother’s funeral earlier this year.

According to The Advocate, when Johnson came forward to receive communion, Father Marcel Guarnizo, the vicar of St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Gaithersburg, told her, in front of others in attendance:

Pushy damn secularists

ALL we seem to hear these days from the "persecuted" Christian brigade is that they are having their rights trampled upon by militant atheists. Worse still, they insist, many of these pushy non-believers are hell-bent on shoving  a "gay agenda" down the throats of the faithful.

This prompted ANDREW JOHN to create a brilliant audio response.

Great news on gay adoption

LESBIANS and gay men have been identified in a UK study as having:

The right mix of skills and experience to raise children who have been in care, and give them a great new start in life.

Up the poll!

RIGHT now the Telegraph is running a poll which asks: Should gay marriage by legalised?

The poll, which is not at all going the way bigots would wish, was prompted by the giddy gurglings of former Archbish of Cant, Lord (of the Wedding Rings) Carey, who – writing in the Daily Mail, claimed that a government proposal to change the status of marriage:

Constitutes one of the greatest political power grabs in history.

In September, it was announced that the coalition Government would legislate for same-sex marriages by 2015.