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Love needs no cure

A CHRISTIAN quack, parading as a “psychotherapist”, has lost her appeal against a malpractice finding by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). An investigation arose following her attempt to foist a “gay cure” on an undercover journalist.

Anti-gay ad campaign banned

BRACE yourselves for squeals of outrage from the “persecuted Christian” brigade over the news that London Mayor Boris Johnson has put the kybosh on a planned “pray away the gay” ad campaign that was due to run on London buses this week.

Crackpot 'gay cure' groups exposed in Oz

A DAMNING report – headed Homosexual 'cure' is hell for many – has been published today in Melbourne’s Sunday Age. It details the activities of Christian groups in Australia aping their crazy counterparts in the US by offering “conversion” programmes to tormented gay people.

According to the Age, there are five such programmes in Melbourne and at least ten interstate. Modelled on America's ''ex-gay'' groups, all have fundamentalist Christian roots. Many view homosexuality as an illness that can be cured – an approach some describe as ''pray away the gay''.