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Christian hugs gay man – and likes it!

WHAT a weird Saturday this turned out to be. First I almost blew a gasket this morning when I heard an ATHEIST on the BBC World Service saying non-believers could learn lessons in morality from religion, then later had an urge to reach out and cuddle a BELIEVER who passionately believes Christians have a lot of apologising to do to the gay community.

Trouble is, I am in Spain, and Nathan is in the US. Ah well, to you, Nathan, I send a cyber-kiss for the action you and members of the Marin Foundation took at the recent gay pride in Chicago.

Support this Day of Action

I REGRET being unable to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with defenders of free speech at an important rally in London on February 11 due to pressing engagements in Spain over that period.

But I have added my name to the fast-growing list of those supporting the One Law for All rally for Free Expression which is being held in London from 2pm to 4pm at the Old Palace Yard opposite the House of Lords, and I would urge readers who cherish the right to criticise religion to either attend the demo, or sign the declaration.

Amsterdam's Chief Rabbi sacked

FURY erupted among young Jewish Amsterdammers this week after Aryeh Ralbag, the city's nominal Chief Rabbi, signed a statement saying that homosexuality was “sinful” and could be "cured".

And today it is reported here that the homophobe has been sacked by Amsterdam's Orthodox Jewish community.

Ralbag, who lives in New York and visits the Netherlands once or twice a year to rule on legal matters, signed the Declaration On The Torah Approach To Homosexuality using all his official functions, including that of chief rabbi of Amsterdam.

Farewell Janey

WE have just learned of the death this week in Brighton of veteran gay rights campaigner, Janey Buchan, 85.

An email we received today from ScotsGay’s John Hein said of the ex-Labour MEP:

She was inspiring to and influential in the LGBT movement in Scotland in the dark years between decriminalisation of gay male sex in England/Wales in 1967 and its eventual decriminalisation in Scotland in 1980.