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Sad plight of Russian gays

St Petersburg Pride assaut

After Ryazan in 2006 and Arkhangelsk, this autumn the regional parliament of St Petersburg passed a law banning "propaganda of homosexuality, transsexuality and paedophilia" at the Bill's first reading in mid-November. This was the first step towards St Petersburg entering the Hall of Shame of the Russian regions which limit a fundamental human right of an individual, the right to freedom of expression.

Introduced by Vladimir Putin's "United Russia" Party, the Bill had already passed the Parliament's Legislative Committee, and there is now little chance that anything can stop it. Of course, this bullet against LGBT people is motivated by electoral consideration and must be appreciated in the context of next December's Parliamentary elections in the country.

Leo Igwe, brave Nigerian

Leo Igwe

It's a challenge keeping up with Leo Igwe, who was, until recently the International Humanist and Ethical Union's (IHEU) Representative for Western and Southern Africa. This one-man human rights dynamo has championed causes that few would dare touch, and in doing so has earned the admiration of thousands around the world, and the hatred of many others who regard his efforts – including his championing of gay rights – as unacceptable meddling in religion and politics.

Igwe, who recently left IHEU in order to research African witchcraft at the University of Bayreuth in Germany, last month returned from a two-day conference on a problem endemic in Nigeria and other parts of Africa: the branding of children as witches, something which is also occurring in the UK.

No Mincing Words!

Barry Duke

Pink Humanist editor Barry Duke goes for the jugular

In a bizarre, round-about way I learned last month that that the words "heterosexual" and "homosexual" never existed until they were invented by a 19th-century writer called Karl-Maria Kertbeny.

I came by this information after receiving a long (3,007-word) email from Christian zealot David Skinner, who is trying – with scant success – to get Britons to boycott the supermarket giant Tesco after it announced that it would be sponsoring World Pride 2012 in London.

Protesters tell Nigerian Government to ditch anti-gay laws

Nigerian protest

Reacting to Nigeria's rampant homophobia, Nigerian LGBTIs gathered in London on Novermber 15 to demand the repeal of all anti same-sex laws in that country, and to protest against the anti same-sex marriage Bill.

The protesters, who gathered outside Nigeria House, were joined by international supporters including notable UK Human rights activist, Peter Tatchell.

The protesters carried placards with a variety of slogans: "Kiss Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia Goodbye!" "Proudly Gay, Proudly Nigerian!" "Some Nigerians are Gay, Get over it!" "Sodomy law is a colonial relic, repeal it now!" "Kiss Anti Same Sex marriage bill and Sodomy laws Goodbye!" and "Stop turning us into refugees, Repeal Sodomy laws Now!".