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'Bible is no guide to gay marriage debate'

THE following letter, written by (non-gay) Steuart Campbell of Edinburgh, appeared yesterday in The Scotsman:

The Kirk’s claim (your reports) that the Bible “promoted” (sic, doesn’t it still do so?) heterosexual marriage is both naive and irrelevant. The arcane marriage rules of the ancient Jews are hardly relevant to modern Christians; do men still marry their dead brother’s widow?

More relevant would be Jesus’s own teaching, but unfortunately he was rather vague on the subject. There is no evidence he himself was married (unusual in itself) or that he encouraged marriage. Indeed, questioned by priests on the matter, he appeared to suggest that marriage was irrelevant in the face of resurrection.

Britain's Greatest Codebreaker



CHANNEL 4’s airing of the docudrama Britain’s Greatest Codebreaker on 21 November marked an early start to the Alan Turing Year, 2012, during which a series of events are planned to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Alan Turing’s birth on 23 June 1912.

The film tells Alan Turing’s story using three interwoven strands. One is the authoritative-sounding voice of an off-screen narrator (spoken by Paul McGann). The second is a series of talking heads – people with a particular insight into some part of Turing’s life or work. The third is a sequence of dramatised interviews between Turing (played by Ed Stoppard) and his psychotherapist Franz Greenbaum (played by Henry Goodman).

Yule be Sorry!


There's no way – NO WAY – I'm going to say "Happy Yule!" to my folks when I go into the frozen North for my seasonal holiday this year. No way!

Nope. They'll say "Happy Christmas!", so I'll say "Happy Christmas!" Why? Because that's what it's called – that's why. Has been for yonks.

Yes, yes, yes, I know the period was hijacked. I know there were festivals there at that time of year – still are – and the Christians knew (devious sods that they were) that it would be altogether easier to mould the mythology surrounding the birth of their big man onto the midwinter stuff that was going down. That way, they would get the nasty heathens to accept nice Gentle Jesus.

Sad plight of Russian gays

St Petersburg Pride assaut

After Ryazan in 2006 and Arkhangelsk, this autumn the regional parliament of St Petersburg passed a law banning "propaganda of homosexuality, transsexuality and paedophilia" at the Bill's first reading in mid-November. This was the first step towards St Petersburg entering the Hall of Shame of the Russian regions which limit a fundamental human right of an individual, the right to freedom of expression.

Introduced by Vladimir Putin's "United Russia" Party, the Bill had already passed the Parliament's Legislative Committee, and there is now little chance that anything can stop it. Of course, this bullet against LGBT people is motivated by electoral consideration and must be appreciated in the context of next December's Parliamentary elections in the country.