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Farewell Janey

WE have just learned of the death this week in Brighton of veteran gay rights campaigner, Janey Buchan, 85.

An email we received today from ScotsGay’s John Hein said of the ex-Labour MEP:

She was inspiring to and influential in the LGBT movement in Scotland in the dark years between decriminalisation of gay male sex in England/Wales in 1967 and its eventual decriminalisation in Scotland in 1980.

God smites Tesco

ATHEIST writer Kurt Vonnegut Jr once created a character, allegedly based on Hemingway, for his play Happy Birthday, Wanda June. In it, the sexist buffoon Harold comes out with the following line:

 Educating a beautiful woman is like pouring honey into a fine Swiss watch. Everything stops.

I burst out laughing when I first read that quote way back in the early 1970s … and spent several guilty hours after regretting my mirth. But then I decided to adapt it to suit my own worldview:

Religiously educating a person is like pouring honey into a fine Swiss watch …

Fool in a frock slams gay marriage

IN A “State of the World” address, Pope Benedict the something-or-other has warned that the future of humanity is threatened by gay marriage.

According to this report, the posturing old closet case:

Unleashed what some consider being his strongest tirade against gay marriage, saying it is among conventions that ‘undermine the family’ and ‘threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself’.