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Pink bin fury

ZIMBABWE’S Roman Catholic President, a serial human rights abuser and who harbours a deep hatred of homosexuals, is apparently deeply upset by the appearance in Bulawayo of a bunch of pink garbage cans.

Donated to the Bulawayo council by lesbian and gay pressure group, the Sexual Rights Centre, the bins have caused a storm among Zimbabwean homophobes, chief among them being the ghastly tyrant Mugabe, who seems not averse to a touch of pink in his wardrobe, as the picture indicates. (See a video here).

Meet Margaret Court, Christian fopdoodle

THIS week I came across a word I had never heard before: "fopdoodle". It is an old English term – defined here as “A stupid or insignificant fellow; a fool; a simpleton” – and, within hours I found someone to apply it to: a 69-year-old Australian called Margaret Court who belongs to that school of imbeciles who believe that being gay is “a lifestyle choice”.

According to this report, Court, a one-time world champion tennis star and now a Christian minister, prompted a row with other former champions after saying gays were “aggressively demanding marriage rights that are not theirs to take”.

George Michael slams Christian hate group

 A FUNDAMENTALIST Christian hate-group, which called on its followers to pray for the death of the singer George Michael, is running a poll which asks why “Atheists cyber-bully Christians”.

“This”, according to The Freethinker today, “is rich, given the behaviour of Christians for a Moral America, which aggressively employs cyber-bullying tactics against those it disapproves of. And The Gays are top of their list.”

Assault on liberty

HUNGARY has a new constitution, and “it mirrors many of the things that the Reactionary Right want to enshrine in the United States”, writes Bridgette P LaVictoire on the LezGetReal blog.

The new constitution bans same-sex marriage, does not protect LGBT people or the aged from discrimination, basically bans abortions by granting rights to foetuses from conception onward, and has removed many of the legal protections designed to prevent rampant economic corruption.