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Cardinal George Must Go!

A “backward and bigoted” Catholic Cardinal is being urged to resign after he drew a parallel between gays and the Ku Klux Clan.

Foolish Francis George, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Chicago, made the idiotic comparison when he voiced his objection to the timing of the city’s gay pride parade.

Organisers of the parade changed next year’s start-up time from noon to 10 am, meaning it would go past one of the city’s oldest Catholic churches when worshippers were attending Mass.

Crazy ex-gay outfit targets Jamaicans

A TOTALLY bonkers and near-bankrupt homophobic organisation in the US has published an advert attacking homosexuality in Jamaica.

Exodus international, a fundamentalist Christian outfit which promotes “gay cure” therapies, has taken out an ad in the Trinidad Sunday Express warning of the dangers of homosexuality and saying gays “can change”.

Exodus International says its mission is to “mobilise the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality”.

The advert, according to this report, was funded by an unidentified individual and is similar to one which appeared in the Trinidad Sunday Express entitled “What you should know about homosexuality”.

Pink Humanist Goes on Air

THE Pink Triangle Trust and its newly-launched on-line magazine, The Pink Humanist, received international exposure yesterday when the journal's editor, Barry Duke, was invited to explain the PTT's objectives on HotMale Radio, based on the Costa Blanca.

The station broadcasts on FM in Spain, and to the rest of the world via the internet, and apart from publicising the PTT, The Pink Humanist and The Freethinker, which he also edits, Duke spent two hours on air with the lovely presenter, Sammy Kruz, speaking about subjects ranging from Humanism and atheism to the pagan origins of Christmas, homophobia, ageism ... and keeping fit.